Custom teeth whitening system



Hey Y’all! Today I’m finally able to share with you a product that I have using over the past month! I partnered with Smile Brilliant after trying DIY whitening treatments such as baking soda, lemon and peroxide, as well as crest white strips, which both left me unimpressed and my teeth very sensitive. I’m going to give you a little info and my honest opinion of this product!


What is smile Brilliant:                                                                                                                   Smile Brilliants is custom fitted, at home whitening trays.

How it works:
You receive a kit in the mail with molds, directions, whitening and desensitizing gel (a must for me!) You send them back your molds and in less than one week I received my custom whitening trays. Then you just follow the instructions and you’re on your way to a having a brighter smile!

My Honest Opinion:
I love this system. First of all, I’m a major coffee addict. I drink 3+ cups a day and I also love black tea and the occasional glass of red wine. All of these things are wonderful except for the yellowing of my teeth. Now, I was really excited about the desensitizing gel because that is one of the things that has held me back from trying whitening again. I noticed a difference in the color of my teeth after the first session of whitening and experienced no cold or hot sensitivity. The directions say to leave the whitening gel on for 1-3 hours, which even at night I just don’t care to sit around not eating or drinking for three hours so I stuck with only one hour and still saw results! If you’re rushing for a certain event though, I’m sure that the three hours would give you the fast results you are looking for!

Although your kit will include thorough directions, here is Kelli Tanner’s teeth whitening experience for a great example! My favorite thing about Smile Brilliant is how easy it is to whiten while going about your daily routine – you don’t even notice you are wearing the trays! I loved the product so much that I have partnered with Smile Brilliant for a special giveaway:

WIN $75 towards your very own trays by entering HERE!                                                                 Or save 5% by using the code: ohmyblog5

The giveaway closes in two weeks so be sure to enter to win this amazing, at-home, custom whitening gift card!

xoxo, Jackie

Teeth Whitening

My life lately…


It’s monday, friends! I’ve been a little MIA lately and to be honest I have just been feeling uninspired and blah. I always want to keep it real with y’all and one thing I have always told people who ask me about blogging (and tell myself) is if it’s hard for you write about it.. move on! I mean that about the topic, subject, product, outfit or whatever you’re writing about. Does that make sense? If it feels forced you probably shouldn’t be writing about it.

All of that brings me to my blog post today. I haven’t felt inspired by any of my clothing, make-up, shoes, home decor and the list goes on for a few weeks now. I haven’t been able to focus on any of my usual blog topics or get any new content out. I have been slowly decluttering my home, wardrobe and life from unnecessary things over the past month and it feels really, really great! I can’t tell you how many things we own(ed) that I forgot about, didn’t even know we had, or just don’t ever use (which means they are all  going to new homes that actually need them)! This is all making me feel so refreshed.

I’ve also been loving reading and listening to podcasts lately. Anytime I am cleaning or in the car I have a podcast playing which has also inspired me in different ways than before. I am slowly detoxifying everything in my home. My husband looked at my with the side eye at first when I started telling him all the things I plan to do  but he’s on board now… I think!

There will be a lot more details to come on that whole detoxifying thing and decluttering my life but I just wanted to give a little update! I will always share my style and favorite beauty products with you but it may be a little different than before. I will be introducing some new topics to the blog soon, too. I hope you all will stick around for my transition and thank you so much for reading!

xoxo, Jackie

6 must read books this winter!


In case you didn’t know, I’m a major book hoarder. My husband is trying to convert me to a kindle but there is just something about reading from an actual book that I love so much! Pretty much every Friday night we go get coffee and to the book store for a little date night. I get some books for the week (if its really good I will read it in one day!) So here are some of my favorite books that I have read lately. I’ve read about 10 but I honestly couldn’t get into some of them and one I didn’t even finish – which I have never done before! So I’m only including my favorites from this month. Here are my 6 must read books this winter:


The Good Girl– I just bought 3 of Mary Kubica’s books and this is the first one I’ve read. It had a slow start as far as capturing my attention but I’d say about half way through I was hooked and then didn’t stop reading till I finished it. I started her other book, Don’t You Cry last night!

All The Missing Girls – This book was one of my favorites and I read it in 24 hours. It grabbed me from the beginning and I was sad when it was over! Don’t you hate that feeling when you can’t stop flipping the pages and are dying to know how it ends but then you hate that it’s over? That was this book and it actually lead me to my next two books by googling books to read if you loved All The Missing Girls.

Behind Closed Doors– Oh my gosh. This book was so intense! Another one that I read in less than 24 hours. I started reading this one in the book store and then was begging to leave because I wanted to go home and binge read it lol. I promise this one is so twisted and is a major page turner! You will love it.

The Woman in Cabin 10– Also recommended to me based on liking another book and this one was pretty good. Not my favorite on this list but it had some good mystery and a nice twist I wasn’t expecting. It’s also a quick read because you definitely want to find out the secret!

The Couple Next Door – Another 24 read for me! I really liked this one as it had many twists and kept my attention the whole time.

The Girl On The Train – I’m a little late here, I’m sure most people have read this one or seen the movie by now but I really enjoyed this and if you haven’t read it yet I definitely recommend it. It’s super easy to get in to and I love the twists.


Let me know if y’all read any of these and if you have any recommendations – I’m always looking for a good book!

xoxo, Jackie

Obsessing over Neutrals


hand bag | lip liner |  lip stick | booties | glasses | hat

As much as I love color I am always drawn to neutrals when it comes to clothing, accessories and makeup. I love a good nude lip and when my clothes, shoes and handbags go with everything! I think it makes getting dressed for work, an event or any occasion a lot easier when you have neutral pieces in your closet that look good with anything.  I’m linking some of my staple neutrals in my closet that are both classic and versatile.

This satchel  by Rebecca Minkoff is one of my favorites. It has enough room for all my essentials but doesn’t let me overfill it to the point I cant find anything. I am really wanting it in this color, too!

I just picked up this lip liner and lip stick over the weekend and I wore it everyday! It’s a really subtle, pretty nude and it doesn’t dry out my lips. Plus, they are only $8 which is a great deal compared to some high end brands if you are wanting to try out a good nude lip.

Valley sunglasses  are my new obsession! They have so many cute, oversized glasses and some really fun patterns. These are my favorite but I’ve been eyeing these, too.

Y’all know I love booties and these Tom’s are perfect for transitioning into spring with the peep toe. They are also extremely comfortable and can be dressed up or down!

If y’all watch my snap chats or Instagram stories you know I wear this hat like 5x a week. It’s my favorite one that I own! P.S It’s only $20 from Target!

Happy Monday!

xoxo, Jackie


Low Carb Peanut Butter Fudge


TGIF, y’all! I am so ready for the weekend and I have a seriously delicious treat to share with you. It’s so easy to make and is only 4 ingredients! This low carb peanut butter fudge is sugar free, dairy free, gluten free, low carb and still seriously delicious! I have a major sweet tooth but have been really trying to make better choices with what goes into my body so I’m always trying to come up with healthy alternatives. This curbs my cravings and doesn’t even taste like its a “healthy dessert”! My husband just ate 5 pieces before I even got a chance to take a picture!



1 cup smooth, natural peanut butter (only ingredients should be peanuts + salt)

1 cup coconut cream from a can, discard the liquid

1/4 cup almond or coconut milk

1-2 tbsp liquid stevia, to taste

chocolate drizzle on top (optional)



  1. lightly melt the peanut butter and coconut cream together, just enough to be able to stir easily.
  2. add all ingredients to blender or nutri-bullet, blend until well mixed.
  3. pour into a parchment paper line 8×8 or bread loaf plan
  4. freeze until set 1-2 hours
  5. Remove parchment and chop into 1 inch squares to serve (keep refrigerated)

My Yoga Essentials



water bottle | mat | headband | sling | towel

Yoga makes me happy, especially hot yoga. I try and go at least 3 times a week but especially when I feel any type of stress, frustration or anxiety. I leave feeling like a new person and am able to leave whatever is bothering me in the past. I honestly believe in the power of meditation and all of the benefits that hot yoga provides (mentally and physically)! So, I’ve decided to share all of my favorite yoga essentials that I bring to every class and I hope that you will give yoga a try – it will change your life!

I actually take my hydro flask everywhere with me, but you will go through the entire bottle in a one hour class because of how much you sweat. This keeps your water cold for 12+ hours and you can buy this straw lid which I have and makes it much easier than the lid it comes with. If you have a nice water bottle and carry it with you, its easy to stay hydrated.

I recently got this mat from target and it’s the best one I’ve ever had. It’s slightly thicker than your typical mat and it does have an “pores” in it so even though I clean my mat after every class you don’t have to worry about bacteria getting inside of it.

My mat sling is also from target and under $10! It just slides on each end of your mat and makes it super easy to carry your mat to and from class .

I definitely recommend a wide headband to keep the sweat out of your eyes. I love this one because it is light weight but does it’s job and you can machine wash it!

I always bring essential oils with me to my practice. There are so many different ones you can use for calming, focus, centering,  etc. However, this grounding blend is definitely my favorite. Make sure you are using quality oils if you are buying them, there is a big difference in what they sell at whole foods -and if you have any questions about them I’d love to talk to you!

My last essential is a yoga towel for your mat. As I mentioned, you sweat a lot and even my non-slip yoga mat can become a little slick during hot yoga. This towel goes on top of your mat and absorbs any sweat and sticks to your mat!

xoxo, Jackie


Cauliflower Fried Rice

TGIF! Yay- it’s almost the weekend and we are expecting a foot of snow over night. I’m really excited for the first snow fall in our area this winter- I just love it. I mentioned on Instagram the other day that I’m going to start introducing healthy recipes and fitness into my blog every Friday! This is my first post on this topic and I hope y’all love it.

Everyone loves Chinese takeout, right? But it is seriously not good for you – so I made a delicious alternative.We have had it 3 days in a row -My husband doesn’t even think it tastes like cauliflower at all! So here is the super easy recipe and feel free to add any veggies/protein you love like broccoli, chicken or shrimp!



Lipsense Lip Gloss Review


It’s hump day y’all! This week is already flying by and I’m really excited to share this new (to me) product with all of you.

I’m sure most of you have heard about Lipsense by now and maybe thought about trying and I’m hear to tell you it’s totally worth it! A lovely lady, Kirsten, reached out to me on Instagram to see if I would like to try it and I’m really glad I did. I recently started trying different lip products and my favorite that I had found until now was the Bare Minerals Gen Nude lip colors, however they don’t last very long and definitely are not kiss/smudge proof.

When I received my Lipsense products it included the lip color, the gloss, an eraser for any mistakes and directions on how to apply, which I love when it comes to a new product. I decided to try this product for the first time on New Years Eve since I knew I would be eating, drinking and kissing! I applied 3 quick layers of the color and topped it with the gloss at 6pm and it lasted through all of the festivities and my new years kiss! I was impressed. I’ve worn it two more times since and I love how it looks and feels – and of course the best part is never worrying if your lipstick is coming off, smudging or reapplying.

The color Kirsten sent me was “Aussie Rose” and it is gorgeous! It’s the perfect hint of peachy/pink and works well with my fair skin tone. It lasts up to 18 hours and comes in a huge variety of color for any skin tone. If you are interested in purchasing I’ve dropped the link below and make sure to use the discount code “omb15” to save 15% !

Order – The Kissing Queen

December Favorites



1 2 |  3 |  4 |  5


Happy New Years, friends! I hope everyone enjoyed their holidays. I don’t know about y’all but I’m so ready to get back into a routine, eat healthy again and start crushing some goals! Today, I’m sharing a few of my December Favorites products.

I’m a big fan of living proof products all ready but this hair mask is amazing! I use it once a week and it makes my hair so soft! I have been using Marc Jacobs Daisy perfume for about 5 years now and I still love it but wanted to have another option. I picked up this Burberry scent on black Friday and it smells so light and pretty! It’s a subtle fresh, floral scent. This Nuetrogena face lotion is an absolute necessity! My friend is a esthitician  and turned me on to this product. I have extremely dry skin as I’ve mentioned before and this hydro boost serum is saving me (especially this winter when my skin is even worse!)  They also have an eye serum and one with SPF! Along with having dry skin my lips have been so chapped and peeling this winter. So I have been using this Bliss lip scrub a couple times a week to remove any dead skin and then I slather on aquaphor healing ointment on them every night! Last but not least is the Too Faced mascara – this is my favorite “splurge” make up product  ($23) and gives serious volume to my lashes.

Don’t forget to enter my cash giveaway open till 1/25/17 – More details on this blog post!

xoxo, Jackie


Winter Neutrals and a Cash Giveaway


watch | jeans | shirt | boots | poncho (similar)  here + here 

Happy Friday Y’all! 9 days till Christmas and I’m so excited! My best friend is coming up with her boyfriend and staying with us for a few days and then I’m headed to florida with my husband and our two dogs for Christmas (13 hour road trip – pray for us haha). This poncho is one of my favorites ever because it has all my favorite neutral colors in it and is so easy to wear and layer if i need it to be warmer! I love the oversized pockets and fringe, too! Unfortunately it is sold out  but I linked a few similar ones.


I am also co-hosting a very special CASH giveaway!! Who doesn’t need a little extra cash after all the holidays?!  All you have to do is subscribe to my blog on the right hand side where it says “follow” and then sign up at the link below! THREE winners will be chosen to receive $400 through pay pal or Amazon gift card and a fourth winner will receive $50. This giveaway ends on 1/25/17 (see terms and conditions below).  Good luck everyone!!

 A Rafflecopter Giveaway

Terms and conditions, please add these to your post, but they will also be added the Rafflecopter widget: This giveaway ends on 1/25/17 at 11:59 PM. Winner will be notified via email. Winner has 48 hours to claim prize before prize is forfeit and a new winner is chosen. Winner must claim prize before they are announced. Giveaway is open worldwide, void where prohibited. All entries are voluntary but must be completed as stated with verification in order to win. All entries will be verified and if it wasn't completed a new winner will be chosen. Winner will be chosen randomly using Rafflecopter no later than 1/30/17. Winner must be 21 years or older to win. Void where prohibited.